Thursday, June 19, 2014

Video series on starting an Etsy shop - I'd love to hear your input!

Ever since I started making Etsy-related videos on my youtube channel, my subscribers have been asking me to make a video on how to start an Etsy shop. I've been thinking about the best way to do this for a while now, since it's not only a very complicated and involved question, but specific details of creating a shop may change over time as Etsy updates and improves their site (for example, the process of signing up for an Etsy shop has completely changed since I created my shop, FairweatherFriends, in 2010).

I would love to do a series of videos on different topics related to starting an Etsy shop, but I'm interested to know what you guys would be most interested to hear about. Here are the basic topics I've created, and I hope to answer your questions related to each one in a video.

  1. Planning your Etsy shop. 
  2. Making products for your Etsy shop. 
  3. Etsy shop setup and branding. 
  4. Writing your Etsy listings. 
  5. Running your Etsy shop. 

Also, to make sure that I cover any important things that I leave out (because it's probably pretty impossible to talk about everything), I'll be accepting more questions in the comments once I finish and post the videos and have a more general Etsy Shop Q&A video when the whole series is online.

Do you have any questions that fall under these general categories that you'd like me to answer in a future video? What about other general categories that you think I'm missing? I may end up expanding some of these topics into more than one video if I need to.

I'm hoping to not only create these videos for aspiring Etsy shop owners, but also for existing shop owners who are interested in improving their shops or simply hearing about another shop owner's process. And while I know that Etsy has many great resources for shop owners, I personally love to learn about other shop owners' experiences and their advice provides a lot of value to me as well. I want to provide new information that adds to existing knowledge bases rather than attempt to replace them.

I'm looking forward to reading your comments below! Thank you for your input and I hope that you enjoy the videos once they're ready.


  1. I think my question would fall under running the shop. Does Etsy help calculate shipping or do you come up with that yourself? If you charge it yourself, do you take the cost of shipping into account when pricing your items or do you leave it solely to the shipping charge that is charged to the buyer?

    Another question for planning the shop: how many items do you recommend stocking your shop with when you first open it? Multiples of everything? Is it common to not sell anything for a while?

    Thanks Lauren, as an aspiring Etsy shop owner I'm really looking forward to this series!!

  2. (*sigh* It ate my first comment, so feel free to delete this, if it somehow double posts.)

    I agree with Kara, but I would also like to hear about some of the unexpected issues you may have dealt with. Did something in the Terms of Service play out differently than you expected? Did you set up your shop one way and then change it for a particular reason? Thanks, Lauren!

  3. I just found your YouTube channel and love your craft videos. I would love to hear your thoughts about how to get more views and sells on my Etsy shop. Thanks Lauren sharing you knowledge about Easy! 😃

  4. I'm hesitating in opening my store because I'm not sure how to take good photos of my handmade items. Also I'm not sure how to figure out the whole shipping & handling thing. Like what to say. I can't wait to see more of your videos on this.

    BTW, I found you because of SeaLemon. :)

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