Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tutorial: Golden Snitch Hair Clip

I've been hard at work designing a new project so I can share another tutorial with you guys! Today, I'll teach you how to make this felt golden snitch hair clip with a video tutorial. Click here to download and print the template mentioned in the video below. If you'd like to make a clip to wear on the other side of your head, the template also has instructions and a diagram for how to make a mirror image version.

Materials (I picked up all of these at various craft stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joann's Fabrics):

-White and gold felt
-White and gold embroidery floss
-Scissors (sharp ones for fabric and less sharp ones for paper)
-Embroidery needles
-A flat hair clip like the one in the video, 2" long (you can use a different size but you'll have to make the template bigger or smaller to fit it properly). I got mine at CVS.
-Gold sequins and metallic gold embroidery floss (you can also use glitter or nothing at all if you'd like)
-A printout of the template

To learn how to make this super cute hair clip that any Harry Potter fan is sure to enjoy, watch the video below (or click here to watch it on YouTube).

If you're unfamiliar with the stitches used for this project, here are the tutorials I used when I first learned to hand sew! There are also many videos showing you how to do these, so search around if you're still confused. Try practicing on some extra felt before you start the snitch tutorial if you've never hand sewn before!

Backstitch Tutorial

Blanket Stitch Tutorial (sometimes this stitch is done a bit differently since I don't always use it on the outside edges of the fabric, but all you have to do in those situations is poke the needle up through the fabric where the two pieces meet as if it were wrapping around the side!)

I hope that you have fun making this little hand sewn project! If you make one yourself, be sure to send me a picture on twitter (@laurenmyrtle) because I'd love to see how it turns out!

As with any of my projects, please do not sell anything you make using my template. These are intended for personal use only (and they make great gifts!).


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