Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Badger: Hogwarts House Mascot Plushies

Last night, I released the third plushie in my Hogwarts House Mascot series. I'm particularly excited about this one because it's the mascot of the house that I relate to most... Hufflepuff! I'm psyched for you guys to meet Hannah the badger plushie. She's available right now in my etsy shop, Fairweather Friends!

My new badger design is one that I struggled with quite a bit... probably because I wanted her to be perfect and represent my favorite house really well. But now that she's all finished and available online, I'm glad that I kept changing and working with my original ideas because I love the finished product! She's on the bigger side, compared to most of my plushies, so I used what felt like quite a bit of polyester fiberfill when I was stuffing this first round.

I redrew the stripes on her face in Illustrator quite a few times... in all of the pictures of badgers I was finding, the stripes go right over their eyes. Because I use black fabric eyes, this would make it really tough to see her eyes at all if I tried to copy their stripe pattern exactly. As you can see, I found a happy medium and I think it works well! I pin and hand sew her face on first, and once that is secured, I add her stripes as you can see in these next few photos.

I really love what the Hufflepuff house stands for, and because they seem to be the most under-appreciated house, I wanted to make something adorable to share with my fellow 'puffs. I value friendship quite a bit, and I've always believed that hard work and determination are the best way to reach your goals. I've also opened myself up to so many opportunities and learned so many things by being accepting of others. So even though Hufflepuff seems to be at the receiving end of all of the mean-spirited House-related jokes, I don't think this house has anything at all to be embarrassed about. For more of my thoughts on the house, check out this video blog I made!

If you'd like to take home one of these badger plushies, visit my etsy shop, Fairweather Friends! Like I said above, Hannah the badger is the third in a series... so if you're in one of the other Hogwarts houses, you might find a different plushie that suits your personality at Fairweather Friends! I've also released a Gryffindor lion and a Ravenclaw baby eagle... and next week, I'll be releasing a snake plushie for those of you who relate to Slytherin house.


  1. omg these are the cutest thing ever <3 Will u be selling stuff @ LeakyCon2014

    1. Hopefully, but in the past, my plushies have completely sold out very quickly. I would recommend buying from my etsy shop if you really want something specific!