Monday, April 8, 2013

Plushie Profile: Pip the Penguin

Another animal I've received many requests to make is a penguin! Early last year, I designed Persimmon, which was a stylistic, larger penguin. This past fall, I wanted to work on a penguin design for a smaller plushie in my more recent style. Pip is the little character that resulted, just in time for the winter holidays! He's been a popular item in my etsy shop ever since, even as the weather is starting to warm up!

Pip is one of my favorite plushies I've designed so far. He's quite little, has a really sweet face, and I'm really happy with the way his wings came out! When I was designing him, I made a couple of different versions with wings in different sizes and positions, but it turned out that the first one I made was my favorite.

Sometimes, when I'm working on a new plushie, it doesn't turn out looking the way I'd imagined it and I have to go back to the pattern and change some things. Working with something three-dimensional always turns out looking slightly different from the two-dimensional pattern. The more I learn how much the fabric stretches and how tightly I stuff each plushie, the easier it is for me to predict what it will come out looking like. However, this isn't guaranteed and every once in a while, I have to make a couple of prototypes with slight changes until I get the pattern just right.

A lot of the reason why I haven't released as many new plushies lately is because the last few designs I've been working on aren't perfect yet. It's easy to get frustrated when that happens, and sometimes I just end up dropping the design until I'm inspired to work on it again. Hopefully, I'll have some new plushies ready for my etsy shop soon.

I've also been working on more ideas for regular posts on this blog, and one of them is a series of Q&A posts where I answer your questions about crafting and running a handmade business! If you have any questions you'd like me to answer in a future post, leave them in the comments!

You can buy Pip the tiny penguin plushie right here in my etsy shop. There are only two left right now, but I hope to make more soon if he runs out! He's a cutie pie and he'd love for you to take him home.

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