Monday, April 1, 2013

Plushie Profile: Felicia the Fox

Felicia the fox is one of my favorite plushies that I've designed and made so far. I love foxes quite a bit, so I was excited to work on another fox design in my newer plushie style. She's been available in my etsy shop for a while now, and people seem to like her a whole lot! I named her after Felicia Day, who is pretty amazing and a redhead (so I thought that a fox was an appropriate animal to name after her). Here's an in-progress photo of a whole bunch of foxes after they've been stuffed, waiting for some quick ladder stitches.

The most difficult part of making this little fox is adding the white piece to her tail. After stuffing this fox plushie, I pin the little white piece of fleece to the tip of her tail and whipstitch it on as carefully as I can. Because of the curve of her tail and how small that spot is, I end up stabbing myself in the finger with the needle if I'm not careful. When I decided how I was going to make her, I considered machine sewing the white tip onto her tail before sewing her together, but I wanted the kinds of stitches to match the ones I was using to attach her face to her head. Maybe I'll figure out an easier way to add the tail piece someday.

It's also relatively difficult to work on red plushies on this green table. The contrast messes with my eyes almost right away and after taking these photos, I realized that I could've just worked with a more neutral color of fabric as a sort of table cloth. Crafting is all about being resourceful and figuring things out the hard way, so I'm definitely glad I have that option the next time I work up a batch of these fox plushies.

Felicia the fox is currently available for purchase in my etsy shop, Fairweather Friends, if you're interested in taking her home with you! She comes in plushie form AND as a cute little necklace if that suits your fancy.

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