Friday, March 29, 2013

Moving into a smaller craft room.

This past November, my husband and I moved into a new apartment. I was excited to be in a safer and more beautiful neighborhood, but our new place was going to be much smaller and that made me a little bit nervous. It was certainly a wonderful luxury to have a dedicated craft room before, especially for someone like me who spends most of her time making things in there. This time, however, we would be combining three rooms into one.

Luckily, everything turned out fine! With a little bit of organization and rearranging, I was able to fit all of my craft furniture and supplies into the smaller room. We also managed to fit in two big sets of shelves full of wizard rock merchandise (t-shirts, CDs, buttons, and whatever else we could fit) and a desk packed with recording equipment that we still haven't set up. There's also a big shelf loaded with packing supplies like envelopes, mailing tape, and customs forms... but nearly half of the room is dedicated to my crafting endeavors.

Another way that I was able to change my crafting furniture to fit the new space is by stacking my craft shelves higher. Before, the nine cubes were stacked three shelves high and three shelves wide. Now, to make them fit between the door and the closet, I was able to arrange them in two columns, four and five cubes high. They fit perfectly and I'm more than a little glad that I spent a bit more money on shelves that could be switched around to fit different spaces. Otherwise, I would be buying new shelves that could fit.

In order to fit my big, green IKEA work tables, I had to arrange them in an L shape. It turns out that I actually enjoy this arrangement a lot more than giant rectangle I had before, since I had to roll my chair around to reach the different work areas I'd set up. With this configuration, my chair stays in one place and I just have to pivot to switch between my sewing machine and the fabric cutting/hand sewing area. I can also place my macbook in the opposite corner, so I can marathon nerdy tv shows on Netflix and keep it out of the way.

Probably the biggest improvement about this room over my old one is the big window right over my desk. My old craft room had almost no natural light, with one tiny window in a corner kind of far away from me. Now I can enjoy the sunshine and watch squirrels play in the trees just a few feet outside, and it makes locking myself in this room for 8-12 hours at a time much more enjoyable. In this next photo, you can also see that I've stashed a huge bag of polyfil just under my sewing machine where I can grab a handful of it whenever I need to stuff a plush toy. I also keep boxes of fabric and bins of finished plushies under the tables.

While things are a little bit squished in my new craft room, I'm happy to still have one at all and I'm trying to keep things as organized as possible to make it feel less cramped. I definitely struggle with keeping things tidy, as I'd rather get more work done than spend that valuable time picking up and putting away things, but living in a smaller place is forcing me to improve that aspect of my personality.

Most importantly, my craft room allows me to shut out distractions and get a lot of work done by myself. It's already difficult to repeat the same crafting motions over and over again to create many handmade copies of one item, so I'm incredibly thankful to have a space that helps me to get that done. The Netflix helps too. :)

What is your crafting space like?


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous, Lauren! You can tell that your creativity has extended to the way you set up the room - it is a really beautiful and efficient space. Can I ask where you bought your shelves? (I'm sorry if you've said this before.)

    1. Thank you! Sure! I bought the shelves at Michael's when they were having a two for one sale (they were too expensive for me without it, so I waited and pounced when I got the weekly ad).

    2. Michael's - great! I'll have to take a look there! Their weekly ads are helpful. I am moving into a small apartment, and I am tryng to find a good way to store my craft supplies - I have a variety of stuff, so I'm trying to find a system that works for everything (especially all my papers and cardstock.)

      I love all of your creations - your plushies and jewellry line are gorgeous - you're such an inspiration!

    3. The shelves are perfect for all my craft projects also. Thanks for sharing. My husband loves my creativitly but hates the piles of craft stuff cluttering our living room. Let alone the sewing machine, papercutter, and assorted scissors and tape. Watch out Michael's I will be on my way, when there is a sale.

    4. Yay! I'm glad I could help you guys. I definitely liked being able to pick from different types of shelves for everything I was hoping to store in them. Good luck getting your craft spaces organized!