Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Fairweather Friends Jewelry Line Launches!

I'm delighted to announce the launch of my first-ever line of Fairweather Friends jewelry! Your most beloved Fairweather Friends characters, like Henry the Owl and Felicia the Fox, are now featured on laser-cut birch wood, treated with Danish oil, and hung with 18-inch silver chains. Please note that I've only released a very small number of each design; your response to these designs will determine how quickly and in what quantity I restock these necklaces. If all goes well, I should have more available in a month or two. In the mean time, feel free to snatch these up while they're still available in my Etsy shop, Fairweather Friends!

For the past few years, I've really wanted to learn to make jewelry (and some of you guys have asked me to as well!). I researched a bunch of different kinds, but most metalwork and similar methods would require training and/or expensive equipment. I've always been a do-it-yourself kind of crafter, and I throw myself into learning as much as I can about making things, but I don't have very much money to invest upfront. I looked into using polymer clay, but I wanted something that would look a bit more professional and that I could turn into an affordable product. So when I found out that I could send my designs to be laser cut into pieces of wood by someone who already has the machinery, I got really excited and began planning out what I wanted to do! 

I've spent the last few months working on and perfecting these designs. I made the designs in Adobe Illustrator, which I already use to create my plushie patterns! It was exciting to learn that I could stick with the same program I already know and love. I'm able to specify where the machine will cut and engrave shapes and lines into the wood. I chose 3mm thick birch wood as my material because I have a really sweet hedgehog pin I bought that was made out of the same kind of wood, so I already knew that I liked the feel and look of it.

They take a few weeks to make, but once I get the unfinished pieces in the mail, I condition them with a few coats of Danish oil out on my porch and let them dry. Then, I attach a tiny jump ring to each one (using the holes that are pre-cut into my designs by the laser cutter) and put the pendant onto an 18 inch silver chain. I also worked on some really cute jewelry cards to package the finished pieces. The excess chain in the back goes in a tiny, adorable zipper bag and they're ready to be mailed out to you guys!

This first line of two-tone jewelry features two owls (Henry and Henrietta!), a fox, a rabbit, and a bear. I eventually hope to not only expand the line to more of my Fairweather Friends characters, but to work on more intricate designs as I get a better feel for the material and the machinery used to cut my designs out.

My current supply is very limited, but your purchases of these necklaces are helping me to determine where to go next with this exciting development in my etsy shop! If these sell well, I hope to have more in stock in a month or two. Thank you guys so much for supporting my little handmade business and I hope to have more exciting announcements for you guys soon!

UPDATE: Four out of five of these designs have now sold out! I'll be making more necklaces as quickly as I can, so I'm hoping to have them back in stock in about a month. To make sure that you don't miss out when that happens, follow me on twitter @laurenmyrtle and 'like' Fairweather Friends on Facebook for updates! 


  1. These are so darling! I really love the look of the birch wood. Definitely putting one on my wish list!

  2. Can't believe that the majority of the necklaces already sold out! I was hoping they would linger for another week until I got my paycheck...looks like I'll just have to wait for the next batch :)
    Congrats on expanding your line!