Sunday, September 23, 2012

Want to win my first large Hedwig plushie?

Recently, you guys have been asking if I'm going to release Hedwig plushies in my larger owl size eventually. This is something I'd like to do, so I worked on one to see how it would turn out. I ended up really liking the end result! The little embroidered feathers on her wings are my favorite.

Because of the thicker thread and extra little embroidered designs (plus the updated, slightly three dimensional version of the envelope), she took nearly a half an hour longer to complete than the other owls her size do. For that reason, I'm either going to simplify her design before making enough to sell or increase her price slightly (other owls her size are $28). We'll see how she turns out. I'm hoping to make the first run in time for winter holiday shopping, but I don't know how large that run will be.

If you're interested in this specific version of larger Hedwig, or you cannot wait a few months for me to finalize the design and work on getting her in stock, you now have a chance to enter to win her! I decided to give this first version away as a prize in the little contest I'm running to help spread the word about my new single, "Home", and its corresponding music video. I've been working all year on this song, recording, and music video (which was filmed at LeakyCon, a Harry Potter conference in Chicago) so I would really appreciate any help in passing it along. You can also download the song on iTunes.

To enter the contest, visit and scroll down for the giveaway widget. Follow the instructions on the widget (there are several opportunities to gain additional entries), and if one of your entries is randomly selected, you'll win this Hedwig plushie! This contest ends this Thursday night, so enter soon if you'd like a chance to win!

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