Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reopening of Etsy Shop and Finally a Paypal Alternative.

I spent most of June, July, and August touring all over the United States, playing live music. Because I wouldn't be home to send out orders and I was selling the remainder of my plushie stock at my merch table, I put my Etsy shop, FairweatherFriends, on vacation. I'm happy to announce that I have returned home safely and the shop is now open again!

I worked on some new product photography for the smaller line of owl plushies I've been working on all year. These were originally meant to be available at my merch table only, but as soon as I started posting photos of the little guys, people were asking me to put them on Etsy.

I particularly enjoy working in this size because the smaller plushies fit perfectly in my hand and I can finish them quickly enough to keep from getting tired or bored. I've been making them in batches of 10 a day, working through all ten of them one step at a time. This makes it easier for me to focus on making them all look as similar as I can, but the freehanded nature of the details on the face still give each one its own specific character. I'm getting better the more of these I make, and I'm excited to start working on other animals now that I'm home long enough to really focus on making as many as I can.

In addition to selling a bunch of items that have not been available on Etsy yet, this reopening marks the first time that I've been able to use direct checkout for FairweatherFriends! I set up this relatively new function a couple of months ago, but because the shop has been on vacation, I haven't had the chance to use it until now. Not only is checking out directly on Etsy more convenient, but it gives the people who've been boycotting Paypal the opportunity to buy from me.

Ever since the internet exploded over Regretsy's Paypal account being frozen while trying to collect money to spend on Christmas gifts for underprivileged children, tons of cases of Paypal attempting to squash the little guy have been popping up everywhere. Because there are few alternatives to Paypal and most websites accept it as their only method of payment, the people attempting to boycott have been very limited in where they can buy online. As someone who makes a living selling items online, I've emailed places like Etsy and Storenvy, where I sell my band merch, asking if they could work out an alternative method of accepting payment.

Not only has the inability to sell to these people boycotting hurt me, but the fact that Paypal can freeze my account for no reason at any time is simply unnerving. I've felt uncomfortable having my ability to accept payments and withdraw money I've already earned in the hands of this one company. One person who has purchased from me in the past warned me that her Paypal account was frozen for review for so long that she was unable to continue making her living for six months, and she never did anything to warrant that review in the first place. Paypal's policies simply allow for things like that, which makes trusting my entire income with them more than a little bit scary. While I must keep my Paypal account for now in order to continue selling on Storenvy, I'm very excited that Etsy is now offering direct checkout as their alternative.

Another thing I've done lately is work on some custom plushie designs, whether they were kickstarter rewards from earlier this year or gifts for friends of mine. You can expect to see some of those on this blog in the coming weeks as I continue to work on them!

Over the next few months, I'm hoping to work on some new plushie designs in this more compact and less expensive size. Many of these will be smaller versions of plush toys I've sold in the past, but I'm also hoping to work on patterns for some new animals! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a particular type of animal in this new round of miniature plushie designs.

Visit FairweatherFriends on Etsy to see these small plushies, which are currently for sale, along with a few more designs! Thanks for reading and I hope to write again soon.


  1. These are so cute! I happily own a Hedwig one I bought on your tour^^
    You are one of my favorite plushie makers.
    I'm happy to say I've just opened up my own Etsy shop for my Nerdy Monsters and the ability to forgo Paypal from the get-go is really nice.
    I wish you were in California in November; Whimsic Alley is having a Harry Potter themed craft fair and I bet the owls would be a huge hit. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes though. (I got a table!)
    Take care.

    1. Congrats on opening your etsy store! The Whimsic Alley craft fair sounds awesome... if only I lived closer! Good luck with both! <3

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