Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tutorial: Cute Paper Price Sign

Yesterday, I posted a video tutorial on my YouTube channel for a cute paper sign! I'm using these signs to display prices and other pertinent information on my merch table on tour this summer, but you could use them for a number of other reasons (science fair projects, decorations, some kind of holiday card, a way of displaying artwork or photos upright... the possibilities are endless). This is also a highly customizable project, as the sign can be made in any shape or color that you want and it can be printed off of a computer, cut out of a photo, or drawn/painted by hand. You could even use a little chalkboard or a whole stack of post-its and make it into a little message board!

I especially enjoy reading tutorials and then customizing them for what I already have in my possession or to put my own spin on a project, so my instructions feature many different options for you to consider if you decide to make this yourself.

Here's the video tutorial (which starts after a few announcements about the owl plushie sale that ends tonight at 11:59 eastern time and my summer tour starting next week!), and scroll down for some more detailed photos and instructions for the same project.

Cute Paper Sign Tutorial

Materials Needed (with suggestions for alternate options):
1. A pencil (this might need to be some kind of marker if you're going to be marking the felt directly)
2. Liquid glue (but you could use a glue gun, double-sided tape, glue stick, etc)
3. Acrylic felt with adhesive backing (or regular felt, paper, or cardstock... this will be going on the bottom of the next item...)
4. Wooden spool (or really anything you can think of that will hold the next item upright...)
5. Paper lollipop stick (or a dowel, piece of a branch, or pencil)
6. Cardstock sign with text on it (the options here are endless. For my sign, I found a shape on Google images, added text to it in Adobe Illustrator, and printed it out on blue cardstock. Feel free to customize the shape, the text, or the material)
7. Scissors (I forgot to mention these in the video, but it's kind of an obvious necessity)

Step One

Cut out your sign in the shape and size you'd like it to be. You want to make sure that the size works well with the length of the lollipop stick when it is inserted into the wooden spool, leaving a good amount of the stick visible and a good amount of the stick along the height of the sign so it can be secured to the back.

Step Two

Place the wooden spool on the paper backing of the acrylic felt and trace around the base of it with a pencil. Then, cut the circle out of the felt. Peel off the paper backing, exposing the adhesive, and stick the felt circle onto the bottom of the wooden spool. If you need to, cut around any exposed edges of the felt until it is flush with the wooden spool. This step keeps the lollipop stick from going through the bottom of the spool when the sign is finished, and the adhesive on the felt lightly holds the sign in place.

Step Three

Turn your sign face-down and place the lollipop stick as shown. Make sure that your sign will be right-side up when the sign is finished; as it is facing down here, it's easy to accidentally glue it down the wrong way.

Step Four

Cut out two strips of scrap cardstock left over from cutting out the sign, big enough to wrap around the stick and glue it in place. Place the strips where they will be glued and squeeze them around the stick with your fingers, that way you won't have to do this when they are covered with glue. This makes the next step a little bit easier. One should be placed at the bottom of the sign (as shown below), and the other should be placed above it, at the top of the stick.

Step Five

Put a small bit of glue on the back of the strip, making sure to put a little bit in the curved fold you just made to secure the stick and keep the sign from slipping. Then, press it down onto the back of the sign. The glue I used is a little bit slippery, so I had to hold the strips down for a few seconds before it stayed where I needed it to. Repeat the same step for the second strip (this will be a little bit easier because the stick is already in place and unlikely to roll). Feel free to wipe up the excess glue if you'd like, but the kind I used dries clear so I didn't bother to do that.

Step Six

Let the sign dry until the glue is hardened and fully clear (overnight just to be safe, if you've got the time). Once dry, place the bottom end of the stick into the wooden spool and you are done!

And that concludes my first formal tutorial on this blog! If you do this project yourself, leave a link to a photo in the comments so I can see what you come up with! Like I said earlier, the possibilities and customizations are endless, so be creative with it and have fun!


  1. Thanks for pinning this to pinterest! That's where I found your blog and this tutorial. It worked out great for my table at my first market. Just to let you know, I linked your tutorial to my blog, (Also repinned your pin on pinterest).

    Thanks again for such a great idea!

    Trish @ Mini Pip

  2. That is pretty. I believe a recycle paper sign can go a long way in conserving the precious resources of Earth's remaining virgin forests.
    Nadel Paris

  3. Lovely tutorial. Whether you're interested in starting a hobby or studying to become a professional, the chances are that in time you'll find your own "stamp" when it comes to paper crafts. A signature tool, technique, or shortcut that identifies your craft as your own. The ideas are boundless. CL King and Associates