Monday, April 23, 2012

Tiny Hedwig Plushies

For most of this year, I've been trying to make as many small owl plushies as I can to sell at my merch table when I play live shows. Because these guys are quick to make, I've been designing a bunch of new shapes and faces to give people a variety of different owls to choose from. Most of the later designs have been what people have been asking me to make for a while, and in this case, I made a plushie based on Hedwig, Harry Potter's snowy owl!

The thing that makes this owl plushie different from the others is the way her little heart-shaped face is sewn to her body. It's difficult for me to embroider the faces directly onto the stuffed body piece because I can't knot off the floss on the backside (and it tends to look a little funny if I embroider the face before sewing the body together and stuffing it). Because of this, I decided to cut out the heart face even though it's the same color as Hedwig's snowy white body. Once I reached this point, I came up with the idea to whipstitch the face on with a contrasting, thicker floss to outline the heart and make it more visible.

Some snowy owls, including the ones who portray Hedwig in the Harry Potter movies, have black or grey flecks in some of their feathers, which is where I got the idea to do this. I think it looks lovely and even adds to the homemade look of the plushie because the stitches are more visible than the thread I normally use for this purpose, which blends right into the fabric of the face. This plushie also has the largest eyes of any of my small owl designs so far!

These familiar little owls are currently only going to be available on my merch table at shows (until they run out), so check out my tour dates on to see if I'll be playing near you! A few people have been asking me if I'll ever sell them online, and while I had planned to keep the little ones tour exclusives, it's possible. I'm hoping to work on a larger version for my online shop but I may eventually consider selling the small ones online. For now though, I'm not even sure that I have enough time to make enough to last me through all of the shows this summer so that is my priority. If you really want one, the best way is to buy it at one of my shows.

Edited to add: I'm now running a contest on my music Facebook page and the prize is one of these little Hedwig plushies! You can read more details and enter to win by clicking here.  May the odds be ever in your favor! ;)


  1. I can't wait to go to one of your shows so I can get a couple!!

  2. You've inspired me to start crafting more! Thanks for this blog :)