Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fabric Bunting, Bias Tape, and Pinterest!

Ever since I started playing live shows, I've had a lot of fun making crafts to decorate my merch table. From price tags to t-shirt/CD stands, every little extra detail makes people smile when they come over to check out what I'm selling at concerts. This time around, I wanted to make a cute fabric bunting banner to hang over my merch table!

Whenever I'm learning to make something new, I search for and read through as many tutorials as I can. Chances are, someone's figured out a better way to make something and I combine the best parts of each tutorial before I attempt to make the item myself. For this particular project, I ended up using at least three tutorials (plus inspiration from a few more) so I'm going to walk you through those while showing a few photos of my lovely bunting!

Most of the fabric bunting tutorials I went through required something called bias tape. I was unfamiliar with this material, but I liked the way it looked so I did some additional research. If you haven't come across this stuff in your crafting experience, it's basically a long strip of fabric cut on the bias (diagonally) so it stretches. This makes it so the bunting can hang in a nice, rounded curve! Unfortunately, I did not have any bias tape in my possession but I came across this awesome tutorial from to make my own bias tape instead! And it's always good to be able to make something with materials you already have instead of buying something new. 

When I got down to the last step of that tutorial, I found out that the method required a little tool that folds the sides of the bias tape into the center as you pull the strip of fabric through. I wasn't sure when I was going to be able to get to a craft store to buy one, and like above, I'd rather not buy something new if I could avoid it. Thank goodness, because a blog called Creative Little Daisy came to my rescue with a tutorial for a DIY version of the bias tape maker! All that required was a long needle and my ironing board cover, which is awesome. It was a little difficult getting it to line up completely evenly, but it looks just fine in the end. So cool!

Once I had the bias tape, I used this tutorial from for bunting as a general guide. I used a smaller triangle since I didn't want the banner to take up too much space on the merch table, and my bias tape was thicker than the kind she used, but it turned out well! I really like adapting existing tutorials to work for what I need, not just because it allows me to be creative and provides me with limitless options, but also because it's a lot of fun seeing how other people make things. It's inspiring and lovely to see. 

I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve as far as my merch table this summer goes, and I might just let you in on it here as I make the rest of it. Keep an eye out on this blog and click here to see if I'll be coming near you so you can check it out in person!

To wrap up this blog post, I wanted to mention that I'm now on Pinterest! I've been having fun pinning my inspirations for crafts, craft room decoration, merch/craft show tables, and more. Feel free to follow me, Lauren Fairweather, if you're interested in checking out my pinboards and seeing things I pin to them in the future! I also have a board for Fairweather Friends, with photos from this blog and my Etsy shop, if you like the things I've posted about and want to repin them to share with your friends! 

I hope you're having a lovely Thursday!


  1. I made a big one like this made of different patterns of pink for my mom's birthday. So much fun to make and when it's all done, makes a great decoration for your room :)

  2. My mum and I are working on some Union Jack bunting to string up outside our house for the Queen's jubilee in the summer.
    I also have Gryffindor bunting in my bedroom. :)