Monday, December 12, 2011

Puppets for a music video

A few months ago, my husband Matt was writing a song about a 9th grade health class project he did when learning about STDs. He and his friend Brad put together a puppet show in which each STD had its own puppet, and he wanted to revisit this puppet show in a music video for the song (aptly named "STD Puppet Show"). So he asked me to make the puppets!

I had already been planning to get my Etsy shop back in commission, so I found some plush microbes on ThinkGeek for each of the STDs mentioned (they had almost all of them!) to save time. When those came in the mail, I poked a hole in each one and hot glued a dowel to help hold up and control the STD puppets. The Brad puppet is just a sketch I did on a manila envelope that Matt taped to another dowel.

Matt's puppet took the longest by far, mostly because I wanted to give Matt the option of lip-syncing the song with the puppet. I'd never made a puppet like this before, so it took some trial and error. I used the head pattern from this plushie tutorial, blew it up big enough to fit Matt's hand inside, and sewed it together using leftover acrylic felt. The mouth was added by cutting a slit in the face and sewing a sort of oval shape of black felt folded in half along the top and bottom edge. It ended up looking a little weird but it works. I also made a basic mitten shape by tracing around Matt's hand and sewed around it on some fleece to give him a place to put his hand and sewed that into the mouth so when he puts the mitten on, he can control the mouth. I sewed on a cylinder of felt for the neck and stitched the collar of one of Matt's old shirts onto that.

I looked up a lot of different tutorials for puppets like this and some of them had cardboard inside the mouth to make it work better. That didn't really work too well for me so I ended up leaving it out. As a result, it was pretty difficult to move the mouth realistically but for the purposes of the video, it was fine. From what Matt told me, it's still several steps above the puppets they used for the original health class project.

See the puppets for yourself in the music video for "STD Puppet Show"!

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