Monday, December 5, 2011

Plushie Profile: Persimmon Penguin

We put our Christmas tree up last night and I've been listening to holiday music while working in my craft studio. I'm totally in the holiday spirit and what would be a better way to celebrate than release a brand new holiday plushie design? Matt named him Persimmon and he is a penguin in the same style as Buxton the Bear, the last new plushie I posted!

I bought some red and white snowflake fabric because it looked perfect for a holiday pajama plushie, but there isn't a whole lot of it so once I run out, I'll probably get him a plaid fabric next. I thought it would be fun to have a limited edition holiday run of these guys while I'm in such a happy holiday mood, but Persimmon will probably stick around a bit longer with a new outfit if you guys like him! 

He takes one more step than Buxton does, since I have to sew the white shape under his eyes to the black knit fabric before I put him together. The wings are also a little bit more difficult to sew into his side seams since they're bigger and it's tougher to fit them under the presser foot of my sewing machine. But he's adorable and worth the extra work!

I also got this new photo setup in the mail last week, which is super exciting! It's a light tent with a white backdrop and two little lights. I don't have a lot of experience with product photography, but I like how the new pictures are coming out. I use my Canon Rebel T1i to take the photos and I edit them right in iPhoto (I used to use Photoshop Elements but sometimes the files didn't save properly and it was weird). 

To pick up your own Persimmon Penguin (or just to check out what the photos look like with the new setup), check out the Fairweather Friends Etsy shop

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