Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Plushie Profile - Charlie the tiny chipmunk

The last two plushies I've released are the biggest ones I've made yet... which unfortunately means that they're on the expensive side. I'm hoping to make a video and take some pictures with them to show just how big they are, but until then, I thought I'd make something small for those of you who haven't yet saved up enough to buy Persimmon or Buxton. Today, I designed and put together a whole lot of adorable little chipmunk plushies!

This sweet, tiny guy is called Charlie and as the story goes, he is the least noisy chipmunk you will find. He won't chatter or sing, and that's just the way we like him. But he's also the smallest and least expensive plushie I've offered in my Etsy shop so far (he is slightly larger than the original owl plushies I sold on tour, but they were never available this widely). He's 5 inches tall and takes less time and materials to make than the others, so I'm able to charge less money for him.

Here's a stack of unfinished Charlie plushies, the left pile just having been sewn but not yet flipped inside out, and the right pile just waiting to be stuffed.

As you can see on the left pile, I machine sewed the white stripes on his face to the fabric before machine sewing his front to his back. For the last year or so, I'd been pretty nervous to use my machine for sewing small, visible details. When I use it for major construction like the front to back, it's inside out so anything weird that happens doesn't show in the end. I decided to make the leap to visible machine sewing with Buxton the Bear a little while ago (on his eyes) and was pretty successful. It takes less time and makes the plushies a bit more durable.

One thing that I had to figure out how to do on my own because none of the tutorials and books I have seemed to cover it was what to do with the loose ends when the stitches are that visible. I ended up threading the top ones into a needle and poking it down through the stitches to hide it in the back. Secure them with a knot (as you can see with the white thread on the pile on the left in the picture above) and you have a neat way to hide those ends and knots.

Charlie is now available in my Fairweather Friends Etsy shop if you're interested in getting one. He'll make an excellent stocking stuffer and he's inexpensive enough that he could even be a guilt-free holiday gift for yourself this season. Check him out right here!

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