Thursday, December 22, 2011

Illustrator Designs - Fox and Raccoon

For the past week or two, I've been busy waiting in line at the post office so I can get my orders out in time for the holiday and designing new Fairweather Friends characters to be made into plushies. Tomorrow, Matt and I are driving to NJ to spend Christmas with my family so I won't have a chance to print out their patterns and start stitching them together, but I'm just itching to show you guys some of what I've been working on.

I asked twitter if they'd be interested in seeing my designs before they're made into plushies, and they responded with a pretty firm yes (except for my friend Ashley, who claims that there is enough cute in this world already, thank you very much). In the past, I've kept the designs relatively secret before I make them except to show them to a friend or two, but I feel like you guys would be the ones to share them with if I'm especially excited about them.

I guess most of the issue is that not all of the little creatures I design end up being made at all, whether I decide against it or can't find the right fabric or something else. I don't want to get your hopes up or anything. Either way, I'm definitely going to be working on these two (already have the fabric all set!) once I get back from traveling for the holiday.

This fox and raccoon are good examples of how lately, I've been trying to keep my designs in a similar style. I start with a basic shape and face, then adjust it and add things to make them identifiable as whatever animal and personality I decide to make them. This makes it easier for me to design in Illustrator without a sketch first, as I can really easily just make small changes in that program. I hope that this will eventually make my Etsy shop relatively unified so people who've been following my work can pick out something I've designed from the crowd.

I was having trouble getting the little black spots around the raccoon's eyes to look good at first. That's how I ended up giving him nerd glasses-shaped spots in the end! Sometimes I like to just try random things, make alternate versions of my designs, and then choose what I like best. I think he turned out super cute this way!

Things may change further once I start working with the actual fabric, whether it's by accident or I figure out a better way to do things as I go. It's probably pretty safe to say that they'll end up just as cute, if not cuter, than the original designs. Keep an eye out for them over the next few weeks!


  1. I can't WAIT for the nerdy racoon!! He's my design so far even tho they are all so ADORABLE!!

  2. These are both really cute! I'm hoping after Christmas I'll have enough money to buy one of your plushies, I love them all.

  3. Aw, they're both so cute! All your plushies are so adorable! :) I'll have to save up money to buy one - or two - or all of them. DFTBA!

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