Thursday, December 15, 2011

Custom Kickstarter Tree Plushies!

My husband Matt ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of his newest album, When I Was Your Age, back in the summer. He came up with a whole lot of awesome ideas for rewards at different levels of monetary donations like custom songs, voicemail messages, exclusive t-shirts, and more... and he asked me if I would make exclusive plushies just for the backers who were willing to donate at that level. He sometimes signs his CDs for The Whomping Willows with a little drawing of a tree with a smiley face, and he wanted that to be made into a plush toy!

This is the first time I made plushies from someone else's design and it was kind of fun. If I had more time to work on it, I probably would've asked for his permission to tweak it to make it slightly easier to make, but they turned out fine anyway. The bit where the trunk and the leaves meet was pretty tricky but it looks fine in the end.

These little guys are being mailed out as we speak, so if you're one of the 5 people who donated at the plushie level, keep an eye out for yours within the next few days! Thank you so, so much for helping Matt put out his album.

I would definitely be up for partnering with someone who's better at drawing cute characters than I am to work on a designer plushie line someday. I think it would be super fun and a good exercise. For now, I'm still just making patterns in 2D, which limits what I can do. I know what I'm capable of at the moment so I'm probably my best bet when it comes to designing new ones, but maybe someday I'll find someone who draws cute characters who'd want them made into plushies.

I'm at a bit of a turning point now that I'm nearing the end of the holiday shopping season (if you still want to get a plushie in time for Christmas, tomorrow, 12/16 at noon eastern time is my deadline!). I've got a bunch of ideas for new designs and I have to decide which to make and when to post them and even if I want to change up my way of doing things for 2012. I'm also hoping to decorate my craft room and figure out some kind of organizational situation for my inventory, now that I've got a large pile of plushies on my table that haven't found homes just yet.

The owls, Henry and Henrietta, are still by far the best-selling items I've offered. I'm hoping to eventually improve the way they're made now that I've had about a year's worth of practice making them, but I also want to add more owls to their family. I'm hoping to release more owls in more colors, with new positions and facial expressions! I polled twitter and facebook a little while ago and got quite a variety of responses. Thank you guys so much for your input! If you have more suggestions, for new owls or any other new plushies, leave them in the comments!

Happy last-minute Christmas shopping! I'm off to make as many last-minute Henry plushies as I can.

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