Friday, November 25, 2011

Wedding crafts

When I first started planning for our wedding (which happened in September), I really wanted to make all of the decorations by hand. I obsessed over wedding blogs like Offbeat Bride and even though I loved how the handmade weddings turned out, I was worried that it would be too much work and stress. So I put that idea on the back-burner until about a month before the wedding. I realized that because everything was pretty much done, I had time to add a few crafty touches myself.

Another idea that was important to me was incorporating little nerdy things into the whole event that wouldn't be noticeable except to the people who would understand it. My husband and I met in the Harry Potter fandom, so there had to be little hints of those books in our wedding. It worked out perfectly that I ended up being able to make decorations that fit in with our pretty, secretly nerdy theme.

I bought these antique-looking skeleton key bottle openers from Little Things Favors but I wanted a way to double them as escort/place cards to tell people where to sit. After a while of hunting down a wing-shaped paper punch, I got some parchment-like cardstock and made one wing per favor. I got some help from my husband, who has better handwriting than I do, and he wrote each person's name on the front and table number on the back of the wings. I tied the paper wings to the keys with blue ribbon after putting a little bit of fray check on the ends to keep them looking nice. This project was really simple but it took a really long time just because we had almost 200 guests at our wedding and I had to make one for each person. However, it was totally worth it because everyone loved them and they gave a subtle nod to the first Harry Potter book.

In addition to the keys, I made a bunting-style banner out of pages from Order of the Phoenix. When trying to figure out how to subtly pay tribute to these books, I had a bit of an interior struggle deciding if I was willing to cut one up. I just think that book pages look so pretty when incorporated into decorations and things. After unsuccessfully trying to find a cheap, used copy of one of the books, I bought a paperback of Order of the Phoenix and vowed to use as much of it as I could to make cute things so I wouldn't waste any of it. I cut diamonds out of the pages, folded them over ribbons and secured them with a bit of double-sided tape on the inside. I cut out the letters spelling 'find your table' and used a glue stick to attach them to each little flag. I also made a banner for our guestbook table, but the photographer didn't get a picture of it where you can actually read it and the people who set it up for me while I was getting ready kind of messed it up anyway.

Another way that I incorporated the book pages into the decorations was with the table numbers. I had to go to every Michael's store within an hour radius of my house to get enough wooden numbers for the 17 tables we had, unfortunately. They were not quick to restock like they said they would be, which was definitely frustrating, but the actual crafting process for this was a blast. I traced the front of each number on a book page and used Mod Podge to glue it down. The awesome thing about Mod Podge is that it doubles as a glue underneath and a sealer on top, which dries clear. These numbers looked awesome and a few of the Harry Potter fans in attendance told me that they swiped theirs at the end of the night because they got the reference and wanted a souvenir. Awesome!

Regardless of the amount of work it took to add these little touches, the crafty bits at my wedding definitely made it ours. I'm super glad that I ended up being able to make it happen, even near the very end of the planning stages.


  1. Awww that sounds so cute! I love individual touches to weddings it's so sweet that you though about what bought you together!

  2. Ummm the "4" on that table is currently on display on my desk. :D All those things were SO AMAZING. I love that you made them all yourself for the wedding. It was beautiful, and a perfect way to tie in Harry Potter in a subtle, classy way. <3

  3. I absolutely love all crafty things and I'm currently organizing my wedding and we plan to use a lot of book themed decoration and hide little nerdy glues around our venue as well :) I struggled for along time with cutting up a potter book, but luckily managed to find one on sale at our local library,so it some how made it a bit easier, knowing it had already had it's life as a loved book. I'm thinking about making my bouquet out of paper flowers and using some of the book for that :) I'm also making the boutonnieres myself and we are going to have the tables named after our favorite nerdy books, shows, games and movies :) I would love to read about more about your wedding :)

  4. I love Michael's! I was just there today, actually, getting some colored duct-tape to decorate my holiday flowerpots.

    Love the key idea! I also noticed in one of Kristina's vlogs that in your wedding you wore brown converse! That's so sweet. I think you guys had a very nerdy wedding. :)

  5. I would love to steal all of these ideas when I get married! I love how outrageously talented you are.

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  7. These little touches are the things guests will remember. It's always great to personalize as much of your wedding as possible. I learned this from the Long Island weddings I've helped plan.

  8. I love the whole idea of using those keys for the tables although I imagine the more senior of the guests would need a bit of help with it. It's really nice to see these creative posts about how people handled this very special occasion. Thanks!

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