Sunday, November 27, 2011


One of the things I wanted to make sure to do when I started the Fairweather Friends Etsy shop was to have cute and memorable packaging. Whenever I order something from Etsy and the seller sends it in something cute, it makes me so happy. Sometimes they even throw in free things. I read a lot of blogs on unique packaging and looked at photos of what other sellers are doing before settling on my own personal packaging ideas.

It starts with a tag that doubles as a sort of business card and a thank you note. I make these by cutting up pretty pieces of colored cardstock with a paper cutter, using a round corner punch on the pieces, and punching two holes on one side.

For the packaging, I had a bunch of custom rubber stamps made online at I designed them all when I was working on the logo and other branding for the shop so they match. They feature a return address, 'to' label, an owl, a 'thank you', and one with the Fairweather Friends logo and Etsy link. For now, I've been using a black ink pad, but I might change colors eventually if I get bored.

Once the tags are ready to be stamped, I lay them all out on the table and stamp them with the logo and Etsy url. Then, I flip them over, stamp 'thank you', and sign each one. This whole process is pretty time-consuming, but I think it's worth it.

When the time comes to actually wrap each plushie, I wrap them in tissue paper and secure it with a sticker. I've thought about having custom stickers made, but I haven't found an inexpensive enough website that could make them yet. For now, I'm using whatever cute stickers I can find (today they're snowflakes!). Next, I tie them up with pretty-colored baker's twine (the kind I use is called Divine Twine), making sure to thread it through the holes in one of the tags I made. Check out how nice they end up looking!

As you can see, I also attach a pinback button to tie the whole thing together. I have a button machine that I use for band merch to sell at shows most often, so I figured I'd just use those buttons as a freebie to include with each plushie. Plus, they help to keep the twine from rolling off of the package. The last step is to stamp up a bubble mailer, address the package, and send each plushie off to a loving new home.

Part of the fun of making these plushies has been wrapping them up and decorating their packages, so I definitely enjoy adding these extra touches. Have you ever bought something handmade that came back  with unexpectedly wonderful packaging?


  1. I kind of want to buy one of your plushies just for that packaging. SO CUTE!

  2. I kind of wanted a plushie anyway, but now I am almost certainly going to buy one. That is so cute! :D And I'm totally thinking about how I can make packaging for my own store more interesting...

  3. Those stamps are adorable! It's awesome that you put so much effort into packaging. =]

  4. @Allison Aw, thank you! I'm glad you like it that much. It's just something that made me so happy, I knew I had to include it with my orders. It would be awesome if you came up with something cute to do too!

  5. What cute and creative packaging! :) I really appreciate it when sellers put the time and effort into presentation. It really makes the purchases memorable and helps with your store's overall branding.

    Love the blog, Lauren! :D I look forward to future posts and purchasing one of your adorable plushies!

  6. Your packaging is super cute! Branding is something I tend to struggle with, so I'm always looking for new ideas.

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  8. If I may ask, what type of button machine do you have? I'd like to get one but have no idea where to look first.