Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The best hand sewing tutorials by Futuregirl.

Last year, I taught myself to sew. I searched all over the place for tips and instructions and sample projects that could help me to figure out how. Luckily, there are some really good craft tutorials online. I do plan on eventually working on some of my own tutorials now that I've figured it out (maybe sooner than later?) but there are some that are just so good. The first ones I'm going to share with you are by futuregirl.

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When I handsew, I almost always use whipstitch. I like the way it looks even if I'm not completely exact in my stitches and it's super simple and quick. Futuregirl's tutorial on whipstitch is clear and the photographs are great. You can obviously use it on fabrics that aren't felt and since I have a sewing machine, I primarily use it when attaching extra felt pieces like eyes onto already stuffed plushies. I also tend to use thread more often than embroidery floss since I find it easier to work with. The techniques still work in that case. 

Another hand sewing stitch that I occasionally use is the blanket stitch. It's the stitch that you commonly see around the edges of fleece blankets and it's more decorative. Because I don't use it as often, I visit this tutorial almost every time I want to try it to make sure that I'm remembering how to do it correctly. It's only slightly more complicated, and if you use it in the right places, it looks awesome. Her tutorial even includes instructions for how to execute this stitch around a circle!

Lastly, she has a tutorial on how to choose between whip stitch and blanket stitch to help you decide what will work best for your project. It contains pros and cons for both and shows you examples of both stitches being used on different plushies so you can make an informed decision.

Basically, futuregirl is awesome and I'm so glad to have found her tutorials. I hope they will help you out as well! Happy hand sewing, everyone. 

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